Cảm nhận bằng tiếng Anh của học viên chương trình “Cam kết TOEIC 450”

I am so happy since Friday August 21, 2015, the day that I knew I passed the Test Of English for International Communication (TOEIC). It is my dream to graduate from HUST with an excellent degree, and it seems to be coming true.

4 months ago, I started to study at class T0A1512 and T1A1516  with a beautiful teacher – Ms Đoàn Thị Ngân Hoa at CFL. It was her who helped me a lot with my English language proficiency. She always provided us a lot of homework and required us to complete. Thanks to the teacher, I have got an adequate command of English vocabulary and grammar and TOEIC skills to sucessfully pass TOEIC 450.

Dương Trung Đức

My friends were supprised at my achivement as my score was just TOEIC 120 in the past. This is marvelous for me!

Taking the package P450 at CFL and having passed TOEIC 450 after 2 courses, what I have earned is the idea that If someone wants to pass Toeic 450 and above, (s)he must study very hard, very hard- that is the only way. Everyday, we should learn by heart at least 5 new words. Also, we need to have a clear motivation and plan for the achieving the goal. Think and do it well !

I love the saying that  “The more hard-working, the luckier ”, and I have followed it to achive my TOEIC target score.

Duong Trung Duc
Student ID: 20110218